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Welcome back, Visitor. I hope you were able to find some peace break. I know for most of you that was likely strange or maybe even difficult. Its quite the awkward time coming back from Spring Break with a sense of stress rather than the fresh start I’m sure would all could use. While we all experienced different types of breaks I truly hope you we all able to spend some time with some people that you are close to. Maybe your break, while not as exciting, as you had hoped or planned was some what restful as we try to find some daily structure moving forward.

As we try to get back to work and begin week 11 of our semester, it probably feels a lot like week 1 for online learning as this might be a crazy and awkward experience for all of us, your teachers included. As teachers we have been asked to give you about a lesson for each normal day of class. So a normal week would include 3 online updates from me. These will come in many different form, whether videos, articles, worksheet, projects, movies, etc. You will return to this site each morning of our regularly scheduled classes to locate the new instruction on our WEEKLY & DAILY Rundowns.

Please begin the new week off by clicking on the DAILY QUEST listed below for detailed instructions. If you EVER have any questions, concerns, confusion, or technical problem please send me a quick remind so that I can try to help you along. Good Luck Super Stars!!


Week 11 Daily Quests

Daily Quests are always your first stop, Visitor. They do not expire but often include announcements important to your daily work. Each day’s quest should go live at 6:30 AM.



Week 10 Required Quests

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks’ quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM. Required Quest may have deadlines that include penalties if not completed as scheduled. Required quest have priority over other things you might be working on.








Week 10 Open Quests and Chains

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM.








School Announcement & Events



Mini Market

WARNING: Don’t make any purchases unless you KNOW what you are buying and why.