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 Week 3 and portrait project wrapup.

Checklist from last week:

  • shoot, import, and develop
  • Export and complete your Behance project page for Portraits

This Weeks to do list:

  • Turn in Portrait Project Page using Project submission form
  • Begin new “remote project challenge”


Watch this video for Today message for Coulson


Portrait submission form



Two new videos on the two most important elements for your food.

Composition and Lighting…at home



Over the course of this week, take at least five photographs of your food. Food doesn’t necessarily mean fancy meals; food can be snacks or grab-and-go, just as much as it can be buffet meals shared with the family. Perhaps your eating habits have changed since the shelter in place; how can you communicate this change with your work?


Practice your composition guidelines: Rule of thirds; selective focus/depth of field; strong subject/filling the frame; leading lines; angle (worm’s eye/bird’s eye); framing; repetition. Carefully consider the composition of each shot!


Upload your five food photos for this prompt to a new Behance page.


Add a paragraph reflective statement to this prompt.

 In your paragraph, discuss:

  • how you approached composition
  • your favorite photo, and why
  • what you learned in this exercise


The student samples included with this assignment were shared by another high school photography teacher this week, representing her students’ work in response to a similar prompt.



Free Lightroom Alternatives

Free Photoshop Alternative – Photopea


Thanks for hangin’ out on Creative Crusade today. As always message me if you have any questions.