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Week 4 Online Learning

Checklist from last week:

  • Research food photography techniques and skill
  • Shoot images of snack an meals
  • import and develop

This Weeks to do list:

  • Post Food Photography Challenge
  • Submit Food Behance page
  • Begin new “Reflections Challenge”




Food Challenge submission form


Please use this Dropbox to turn in your jpg files for the challenges



Reflections Challenge


Watch this video for Today message for Coulson



Take, edit, and turn in reflections from 2 different categories:

  • Puddles
  • Bodies of water
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Mirrors
  • Shiny surfaces
  • Glasses of water
  • Windows


Online resources to Checkout – Pixel Perfect Reflections      or         Simple Phone reflection technique


Quantity of photos is up to you, but there should be at least one example from each of two different categories.

Don’t forget everything else you have learned about composition. Use those guidelines to make strong, interesting images as possible.


Submit a written reflection paragraph (get it?) with your photos. This should be included with your final project post on Behance. 


  1. How you chose your subjects
  2. Composition considerations in your photos
  3. The ideas that your photos express
  4. Anything else…


Free Lightroom Alternatives

Free Photoshop Alternative – Photopea


Thanks for hangin’ out on Creative Crusade today. As always message me if you have any questions.