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Photographer Research


Photographer Presentation Fair

Objective: Gain an understanding of how to research an artist in terms of what you can learn from them rather than just about them. Learn from professional photographers careers and experiences. Analyze photographers skills and photographic styles

Your project presentation is limited to a tri-fold presentation board provided to you. Professional presentation of your photographer will matter. Design your presentation with good craft. No handwritten information. Quality photographic examples are required. A clear understanding of who your photographer is and what makes them SIGNIFICANT in the photographic community will be necessary to present your photographer to attendees of our photographers fair. Your board should be thorough but readable. 

  1. Who is your photographer and where is your photographer from?
  2. How did your photographer build their careers? (education, career path)
  3. Demonstrate your photographer’s field of photographic career.
  4. What makes this photographer significant and special within the photographic community? What is their “Style?” (not subject matter)
    – technical skills
    – emotional ideas
    – visual stories
    – composition styles
    – lighting style
    – THE WHY!!
    Show examples
  5. How would you describe their images?  
    Show examples
  6. FINALLY…Why did you choose this photographer? What truly makes them special?
    Without an ability to clarify this answer you may need to find a different photographer.


  • The photographer’s personal website (thorough investigation required!)
  • Find exhibitions the photographer has hosted
  • Museums
  • Their personal Twitter account
  • TED Talks
  • Articles about the photographers
  • Their clients’ websites 




Plus: Please add your own unique facts about them.

Presentation Due: Monday, November 26


Image result for Great tri fold presentation boardImage result for Great tri fold presentation board