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Captain’s Notes

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Remember, Visitor, always check the weekly post first to see if there is any immediate info you need. Follow those instructions as necessary then pursue design mastery.

Random Inspirations: Portraits | Advice | Behance


New to the CIA? … be sure to “Read More”.

Welcome, Visitor, to Creative Crusade! Are you ready for whats coming?

I will be your Captain for this semester and beyond as we travel into the world of design. Your travels will take you on new, exciting, and challenging quests.

Are you game?

Always check here to see if there are new important notes.

If you are ready to get started check out this week post to the right and simply follow the instructions.

Good Luck!
Visitor, this week’s new post is awaiting you in the new posts section. Go get to your new quests and traveling the globe. Remember after reading the new post, go back and pick up from where you left off.


If ever needed, Please contact me at:

Adam Coulson
Highlands Ranch High School
9375 Cresthill Lane
Highlands Ranch CO 80130
303.387.2500 ext. 62610


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