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On to week 5 Remotely

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Wed April 29 - Daily Lesson

Friday May 1 - Daily Lesson

NEWFriday May 8 - Daily Lesson


Expectation: 60 minutes of worktime twice a week in Illustrator or Photoshop.


Assignment Checklist:

  1. Required: Project 3 with all creative crusade posts completed
  2. Required: Complete Event poster (Ai) or Magazine cover (Ps) – post and SHARE your entire design process on Behance page
  3. Perfect score for completion – Brainbuffet Project 4 – (Ps students – original cd design not required) Creative Crusade posts required
  4. Photoshop ONLYBrainbuffet Project 5 – video graphic
  5. Optional – ACA Practice Exam – Install GMETRIX ACA practice exam software
  6. TARGET GOAL–EXTRA CREDIT – Attempt ACA exam (passing ACA exam earns you an guaranteed A for the semester)
    Prepare for ACA Exam at Home  
  7. Photoshop ONLY – Complete your own original CD cover design
  8. Illustrator only – Pentool mastery exercises (Illustrator 15 on Brainbuffet) – Most important tool in Illustrator!
  9. Illustrator only – Begin Logo Design Project
  10. Explore Lynda.com Courses for Advanced lessons in areas of your choice (need a DCL library card. Use dcl.org to log in)


Focus on a single project at a time. Everyone’s minimum goal is to complete project 4 and attempt ACA exam.


Project Submission Form


Dropbox for file uploads