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I expect that my students will be showing family at home what they’re doing. I want them to be proud and try harder. These blogs are open to the world. I hope they compare others so that they realize how awesome we are. Start building your brand NOW. Start prepping for the career you want NOW! Figure out who you want to be and then BE WHO YOU ARE!!

Choose the class you want to see and get access to the current students on the class blog lists. If your blog isn’t showing up… maybe you should consider completing the early quests?


  1. What is graphic design?

    Graphic design is the art of using different techniques to create an appealing design for aesthetic or business purpose, usually done on computer programs. People use graphic design for things like packaging, movie posters and album covers.

  2. Graphic design is digital art and photo manipulation.

  3. What Is Graphic Design?

    I believe graphic design is more then just creating a picture. I believe it is creating a picture that has more meaning and can be used for a lot more things.

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