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Grading Policy


You’ll begin the semester with an A and are expected to maintain that A all semester long.


Easy: Try your best, don’t give up, learn from your mistakes, and play by the rules.

That’s all there is to it.

No homework. No tests. No final exams. No loopholes. No tricks.

You’ll also earn your choice of perks for maintaining that A.



At each four-week grading window you’ll earn an opportunity to choose one perk.

  • Stream Music via Spotify, Pandora, etc. (Just music. No videos.) Year-long perk.
  • 20% Time Creative Freedom every Monday (silver days). Repeatable for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc.
  • 1 Homework Passes* If you need a day off to study for another class. Repeatable.
  • 1 Honor Earn 20% more loot per quest. Repeatable for 40%, 60%, or more bonus loot.
  • 200 Gold Because you can’t have too much Gold. Repeatable and redeemable in our Store.

*Homework Passes also available in Store for 300 Gold per pass. Other items not for sale.

Perks forfeited and penalties applied if you stop learning from and correcting your mistakes.


Bad Choices

Here’s the rest of our rubric for those who choose not maintain an A:


Great, but…

We all make mistakes. The trouble begins when we don’t learn from our mistakes.

If your grade falls to a B, you have a choice. Learn from and correct your mistakes or…

If you’re not learning from and correcting your mistakes, your grade WILL continue to drop.


No Second Effort

This is a mistake. You have an important choice to make.

If your grade falls to a C, you need to learn from and correct your mistakes—right now, or…


Are You Kidding Me?

What part of you need to learn from and correct your mistakes—right now is hard to understand?

If your grade falls to a D, you’re in danger of losing computer privileges. Make better choices or…


Who Are You?

Parents, guidance, and VP have been notified of your willful defiance.

When your grade falls to an F, you are in imminent danger of removal from our class.


Any Questions?

Persistent, consistent effort in a collaborative, self-paced, student-centered learning environment leads to the highest level of success a student can achieve in a given subject.

The quality of your work is not a factor so long as you’re maintaining an A.

If you don’t give up, your work will continue to improve.

Patience, Grasshopper, give it time and your work will shine.

Learn the strategies and techniques without worrying about your grade.


Here’s the video from the Grading Policy quest: