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Time is rapidly winding down. 

It’s time to establish your end of semester plan. What do you have left to complete and how are you going to complete it?


  1. Your Original Magazine Design (Required) 
  2. Project 4 completed (Required) 
  3. Your original CD Sleeve Design (Optional IF you complete the “Final Design Project” or ACA exam) 
  4. Project 5 (Optional unless taking the ACA Exam)
  5. Choose at least one (Required)
                     ACA Exam Prep + Attempt
                     PSA Poster (Final Design PROJECT)

Week 15 Open Quests and Chains






PSA  Poster Design – Final Project

This project will require the creation of a shared google doc that will allow you to record all of your design process as directed within the design Quest itself. Please use screenshots, notes, pictures of your sketchbook, lists, examples, founds images and more as parts of your documented design process. Your process will makeup half of your final project grade.



School Announcement & Events



Mini Market

WARNING: Don’t make any purchases unless you KNOW what you are buying and why.