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Week 16-online: Photo1

Week 6 Online Learning

Watch our video for: Tuesday April 28


Watch our video for: Thursday April 30



Checklist from previous weeks:

  • Submit Depth of Field images to dropbox
  • Submit Reflections Challenge
  • Submit Virtual Learning Portraits

This Weeks to-do list:

  • Instruction for Stop Action Photography
  • Begin developing a plan for your new shoot
  • Explore stop action ideas
  • shoot at least 20 stop actions shots
  • develop at least 2 final stop action shot to turn in

Challenge projects submission form


Please use this Dropbox to turn in your exported .jpg files for the challenges

PLEASE Title your files correctly! example: coulson_adam_reflection1.jpg



Stop Action/High Shutter Speed Challenge

Optional Resource websites: Pinterest ideas | Beginner guideHelpful Guide




Thanks for hangin’ out on Creative Crusade today. As always message me if you have any questions.