Here is our NCAA Bracket Leaderboard going into the final four. Well done to the leaders even if they didn’t pick ISU to win it all. 


Daily Video Updates

Monday: Might need some improvement on your DPE's

 Wednesday: Prepping for an epic Design Quest


Weekly Priority List – March

  1. Finish Mutant Jack Quest and Post your mastery
  2. Continue March Photoshop Quests
  3. Begin the Project Page quest to prepare for our major projects finishing out the semester
  4. Some of you might be ready for the new Book cover Design Epic Quest
  5. Don’t forget about Illustrator Skills you never got completed (outside of class)
  • Pen Tool Basics is still required
  • Pen Tool Maze is important to be able to illustrate well but not required
  • Logo Type Stage 1 & 2 required



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