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Week 13-online: Day One – Photo1

Adobe Lightroom - Wikipedia

Lightroom Classic is a tool for image development

There are many different software options out there and this is just one.

Feel free to explore other options as they also have great qualities.

Lightroom Classic has just become the most common professional choice.


Be sure you have Lightroom Classic NOT Lightroom CC (the mobile cloud version)





Checklist from last week 12:

  • Install Adobe Lightroom on a computer at home
  • shoot 20+ photos to try out your DSLR
  • shoot 10-15 photos showing how you can change your Depth of Field
  • Import all you shots into Lightroom Classic

Checklist for this week:

  • Develop images in Lightroom
  • Learn to Export images our of Lightroom
  • Turn in images of Depth of Field


Each day of class our primary lesson will be a video recorded and published as the Daily lesson. You should look for the daily lesson and then follow along with the video instruction.



Please use this link to View Today's Video.


This additional video will clarify on some of my same instructions from an amazing YouTube teacher Peter McKinnon


Optional Bonus videos



Thanks for hangin’ out on Creative Crusade today. As always message me if you have any questions.