Bonus 100XP and 100g to the winner of our HRHS Graphic Design NCAA bracket Challenge. (Hint: You should pick Iowa State!)

Use this link to join our challenge. You can take 10 minutes to make your picks in class or do it outside of class on your own time. Bracket submission due by Wednesday at midnight.

Daily Video Updates

Monday: In class update Today.



Weekly Priority List – March

  1. Complete Photoshop 101
  2. Mutant Jack (Goal for week 11)
  3. Continue March Photoshop Quests
  4. Wrapping up your focus on Illustrator Skills (outside of class)
  • Pen Tool Basics is still required
  • Pen Tool Maze is important to be able to illustrate well but not required
  • Logo Type Stage 1 & 2 required


NEW Daily Skill Quests

  • Ai: create a pattern
  • Ai: using Live Paint


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