Welcome back, Visitor. I hope you had an amazing or exciting or relaxing or at least refreshing break. While we all experience different types of breaks at the very least each one of you got to break up your routine for a week. Breaks don’t always have to be crazy adventures to look back at least recognize it was nice. For me it was simply some nice quiet time to myself at home. I didn’t realize how nice that actually might be.

Well, I guess its back to work as we try to find some routine for the final 8 weeks of the semester. By the way did you see our countdown on the homepage. I’m not sure if the countdown is exciting to see the end of the semester creep closer or if it causes anxiety but again its always nice to know that the current status quo will always change as it will with new classes, teachers, and grading periods next semester. We do also have to be aware that while I would always love to give you an unlimited amount of time for completion of lessons, we do have a deadline that is the end of the semester so keep that in mind as you continue to do you daily best in our lab.

BTW Wednesday is the season opener for the Nugs. Be sure to wear your Nuggets Gear!!

Bonus Fast fact: Nuggets PG is another Iowa State Alum–Monte Morris is my man!


On another note…

As of this week everyone should be working on their magazine covers with goals of completion with the next week.

How aware of are you of what Photoshop can do or be used for? Even after 20 years of using Photoshop I continue to learn of the numerous career paths that utilize Photoshop as a significant tool in their field of business.

  • Photographer
  • Digital Painter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animator
  • Web design
  • Game Designer
  • 3D Modeling
  • Editing Video

Have you seen what people make with Photoshop?

Please use this link if the video below does not work.



Week 10 Daily Quests

Daily Quests are always your first stop, Visitor. They do not expire but often include announcements important to your daily work. Each day’s quest should go live at 6:30 AM.



Week 10 Required Quests

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks’ quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM. Required Quest may have deadlines that include penalties if not completed as scheduled. Required quest have priority over other things you might be working on.








Week 10 Open Quests and Chains

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM.








School Announcement & Events



Mini Market

WARNING: Don’t make any purchases unless you KNOW what you are buying and why.


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