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In a distance race like cycling or running you rarely hear of a person out sprinting the competition for the victory. In fact, if competing yourself, you are one of hundreds or even thousands in the race and this means that while competing is a component high performance NOT a victory is likely the challenge. Rather than racing for first you need to keep pace with your competitors or you are left by yourself where competing is much harder. You can work your way back into the mix but of course that will take extra effort and while exhausting is the only way to finish in a respectable position.

For many of you, you need to be focusing on either maintaining your quality pace to finish the semester with a strong and very proud performance, however many of you also need to catch up to avoid being left behind. Make use of every minute you have to put yourself in a good position for the final stretch of the semester and you should be able to hold your head high going into our final.


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Remember: continue to take screenshots of your work even if its just practice or in progress designs.

You should be posting them on as part of showing your learning. That your proof of development in place of tests. Continue to show your value.


Week 07 Daily Quests

Daily Quests are always your first stop, Visitor. They do not expire but often include announcements important to your daily work. Each day’s quest should go live at 6:30 AM.


Week 07 Required Quests

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks’ quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM. Required Quest may have deadlines that include penalties if not completed as scheduled. Required quest have priority over other things you might be working on.


Progress Goals

    • Ai: Project 2 Due Friday Oct 30
    • Ai: Advanced progress; Poster Design Ask for clarity please




Week 07 Open Quests and Chains

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM.




  • Use the Photoshop Map as your guide.



School Announcement & Events


Mini Market

WARNING: Don’t make any purchases unless you KNOW what you are buying and why.