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Creativity is a big word! People treat it so simple. 

Its hard and whats hard is whats valuable!

Creativity IS going to define the next generation of career success.

Approaching problems in every aspect of life will require creativity. This is how we improve our world to avoid spinning our wheels and doing the same things as the previous generation.


Do you value creativity like your future employer will?





Week 09 Daily Quests

Daily Quests are always your first stop, Visitor. They do not expire but often include announcements important to your daily work. Each day’s quest should go live at 6:30 AM.


Week 09 Open Quests and Chains

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM.



Progress Goals

    • Project 2 Complete
    • Project 3 Complete
    • Ai: Original Event Poster Design Epic Quest – Design Process on Behance!
    • Ps: Original Magazine Cover Design Epic Quest – Design Process on Behance



School Announcement & Events


Mini Market

WARNING: Don’t make any purchases unless you KNOW what you are buying and why.