Hello, Visitor. I am Virtu. Think of me as the Creative Crusade’s spiritual guide.

I realize some of you will scoff at that notion, so please allow me to explain.

Personal integrity is the key to your success in this room. There is no homework. There are no tests. There are no loopholes. There are no tricks.

Try your best, don’t give up, learn from your mistakes, and play by the rules.

Those who accept these freedoms and responsibilities will succeed. Those who do not, will fail.

Rather than lecturing, the Captain—Coulson’s avatar in the game—will post daily quests most every day. You’ll never have to ask, What did we do yesterday? or What will we be doing today? because the answer will always be online—in text, videos, imagery, links, and quests—all semester long.

Just as the Captain will maintain a record of his journey through the Creative Crusade this year, you will, too. (More on that later.)

Your responsibility each day, Visitor, is to show up on time, read the board, check our website, read the text, click the links, watch the video(s), and follow the instructions—each and every day.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Most players find the experience liberating and empowering. Why? Because YOU control the pace of your learning from day one and by week six, if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll have your choice of company perks. (More on that soon.)

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Speaking of responsibility, it’s time to encounter your first “Quest” in the form of Activating your Creative Crusade Profile  then you will come back here to complete the Daily Quests (below) and start learning… and earning loot!


Week 01 Daily Quests

You must complete the daily quests in order. They do not expire. Each day’s quest should go live at 6:30 AM.

Week 01 Required Quests

You must complete the quests before moving onto next weeks quests. They do not expire. Each day’s quest will go live at 6:30 AM.


  1. Finish Orientation Chain (3 quests)– Next Quest in sequence will show at bottom of current quest when completed
  2. P & E Chain (6 quests)
  3. The Gift of Lynda Quest


Need to know info.

Current events and other important information will be posted here.

Mini Market

WARNING: Don’t make any purchases unless you KNOW what you are buying and why.

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