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This page is meant to be your launching area for daily instruction or access for necessary material and lessons. On this page you will find lessons, projects, notes, and even sample files to be used in class. You will often need to return here to complete or initiate new projects. These intructions and resources will grow and evolve as the semester progresses so please return here as often as needed or instructed. Good luck and have fun!

Design Projects & Assignments

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Important Recent Announcements

Need to know info.


Everyone needs to get a Douglas County Library Card within the next two week

Daily and Weekly Lessons



Newest lessons will be at the top:

  • Create Creative Crusade Accounts
  • Create computer personal account
  • Complete and access your Adobe account
  • Cover Policies of our Classroom
    • Phones
    • Attendance
    • Work Ethic
    • Food & Drinks
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