Week 02: Friday

Week 02: Friday


I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.



Believe it or not, Visitor, we're off to a great start.

Let's keep it rolling.



Tech will always challenge us. We just have to be ready for the challenge.

When you encounter something that isn't easy or perfect what is your response?

Watch the video to get the Captain's take.

Please use this link if the video below does not work.


Make good decisions, Visitor, and learn from your mistakes.

When you're sure you understand the message, click through to stage 3.


If you are understand the expectation and aren't cutting corners continue on, otherwise you might truly consider starting over.

Click on if you are good to go.


So long as you understand  your responsibilities, you're lined up for great success.

If you don't understand you might want to watch the videos again because the Daily Quest Fail is the consequence.

IMPORTANT: Remember to always check the weekly Rundown page for updates and the daily quest for new instruction first thing in your next class. Don't wait for the Captain to tell you to.


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