Week 01: Wednesday

Week 01: Wednesday


Well Visitor, I may be the resident tech, go to guide, but the Captain said he was gonna hook you up with this one today.

Hopefully he's already helped you set up your personal computer account but if not you might want to talk to him about getting your own account on your computer now.



In this "quest" you have get a taste of what it would be like to have all your lesson delivered directly from the Captain in class. 

Isn't it obnoxious?

You wait.

You get lost.

You wait.

You help your neighbor that didn't listen.

You wait. 

and finally about 30-45 minutes later you finish what should have been a 5-10 minute process.

This is one of the many reason Creative Crusade give you more and better options to control your own learning.


If you have your own personal account setup on your computer you may continue on.



So no you have your own account.

Please respect it.


This link will allow you to watch the restricted video located below


If you are willing to use your account appropriately you may move to Stage 4, Visitor.


I hope you enjoy your account but remember it is only on this machine not others. If you are concerned something seems strange see the Captain.

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