Week 01: Monday

Week 01: Monday


A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that balances are correct.
–Frank Herbert / Dune


Welcome to Creative Crusade, Visitor. I,m Basil, your daily quest giver, game strategist and friendly NPC.

We'll be seeing each other first thing every day of class and i promise to always point you in the right direction.

Work with me and you'll soar like an eagle, errrr I mean Falcon. Ignore me and you'll sink like a stone.

It's your choice, Visitor. Choose wisely.

Here's your first bit of direction:

Read all of the words, think about what's being said, follow all of the instructions, and when you reach the end of a stage (as you've just done), click through to the next stage–if you understand the message–unless otherwise instructed.



Great job, Visitor. You made it to stage 2. if you check your progress bar (in the upper leftof the browser), you'll see that you now have 6 XP (eXperience Points for the non-gamers in the crowd).The Captain will fill you in on the game and your responsibilities in the video you'll get to in a minute.

For now, keep reading

Stage 2 is where the Captain asks us to put most of his videos. Here's another bit of direction:

The Captain–that's Coulson's avatar in the game–seldom lectures. he delivers nearly 90% of his instruction online. He expects you to pay attention and follow those instructions. Do that, and like I said, you'll soar like a Falcon.

But if you don't pay attention or don't follow those instructions you will sink like a stone. That's all it takes when you choose to earn an F. It is  a choice, you know.

Do you understand, Visitor? It really is that simple

Now put the headphones on and watch the video. Yes, you may use your own headphones is you like. Just plug the lab headphones again when you're finished so you don't sabotage the next student who sits at your computer.

Please use this link if the video below does not work.


Did that video make sense, Visitor?

If not, watch it again. It's not a race.

When you are sure you understand click through to Stage 3.



The Captain would like a follow up word with you, Visitor because the next state–Stage 4– is different from the rest.

Please take this message to heart.



I hope you understand, Visitor, that clicking through to Stage 4 is your confirmation that you understand the content in this quest.

You may not access the following day's quest until you confirmed that you understand the current daily quest, so resistence actually is futile because you need to understand to proceed.

You might as well surrender to the notion that you're responsible for assessing your progress–for deciding whether you understood or not.

Click through when you are confident you understand the responsibility.



Congrats Visitor.

So long as you actually do understand  your responsibilities, you're off to a good start.

If you don't understand you might want to watch the videos again because the Daily Quest Fail is the consequence.

You may now begin the CC Policies and Expectations Quest Chain.

IMPORTANT: Remember to check the weekly Rundown page for updates and tomorrow's daily quest for the other info first thing Wednesday. Don't wait for the Captain to tell you to.


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