Visual Pun – mini Epic Quest

This is an optional Quest but a great way to put your newly acquired photoshop skills to the test.


Have you ever heard of a pun before?

Have you ever seen  a visual pun before? Its your turn to create your own unique visual pun. If its not fun its not worth doing!

CardShark dr_pepper











For this project you will create a "visual pun." While I would love for each designer to come up with a new and original visual pun obviously over time there will be duplicate ideas but not duplicate designs. If you are able to come up with an original visual pun the Captain has not seen before you will be awarded an additional 10mi./10gold. No pre-inquiries.

Check out our Student Gallery of Visual Puns

Watch this Video to get started


As necessary, research what a visual pun is and be sure you understand what the problem is a s the first stage in the design process. A visual pun should NOT use the actual object originating object in the design. For example a visual pun of a HOT DOG should not have an image of a hotdog anywhere in the design. it might be suggested by a hotdog bun but you should instead focus on the words DOG and HOT.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 8.5 x 11" RGB document at 150 ppi
  • original design, no copying/plagiarism of ideas from internet
  • minimum of three image layers
  • Use Masks --- NO Eraser or no credit!
  • Use selections for quality masks and blending

COMPLETE: Complete a project page on your blog documenting your ideas, skills, and challenges along with the final creative original Visual Pun Artwork. Get the Captains approval for completion and Upload your finished file saved as jpg format and title it correctly with: lastname_firstinitial_visualpun.jpg

Remind Captain of project completion to get it printed

Awesome! Now make sure the Captain gets it printed off for you to mount ...even if you have to ask him a few times. He gets sidetracked a lot you know.

MASTERY: Awarded by The Captain to the Best of the Best Visual Puns. If you submitted your design to his server you may be awarded Mastery at a later date. You might want to get your printed design matted as well!


Its gotta be awesome! Look for it to be on display very soon.

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