Vector Monster

Vector Monster


We've learned a slew of new skills so far, Smartypants! Let's create something cool and try putting those new skills to work.

Using just the tools we have learned thus far, we're going to create a VECTOR MONSTER!



What kind of monster might you create and how far will you be able to take it. This is one of the first opportunities you have to show both how much fun you can have when given opportunity AND how far you will TRY to take something.

Continue on, Visitor.



Skill Application

  1. Choose a monster style. May use your sketchbook to plan it out.
  2. Make a standard letter size print document in AI
  3. Create shapes using shape, reshape, shapebuilder, pathfinder, brush, live paint, gradient, blends, pen, width, and other toolbar tools.
  4. Color everything. No line art.
  5. Arrange the shapes into a monster.
  6. Have fun!
  7. Turn in artwork today or by the end of next class!
  8. Save the file appropriately as both an .ai file and exported as a .jpg for publishing.
  9. Turn in the .ai file to Coulson's Course Folder, "Monsters"
  10. Post a .jpg of your monster on your Behance page titled "Illustrated Monster".

The more you demonstrate your ability to apply newly acquired skills and the more complex your monster, the higher the points you'll earn.

Nice work, Visitor.

Make sure that the Captain got your finished work so that you get credit.

If you would like it printed you must ask. He would love to print it of for you on our Photo Printer but he also hates to see members just throw away the beautifully printed artwork, so you need to ask.


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