The gift of Lynda

The gift of Lynda


You're getting a new tool today...or hopefully by this weekend.

Will you have the brains to take advantage of it? is an absolutely amazing unmatched resource for learning design software like all the adobe programs. It is also an expensive resource that costs around $300 a year  to have access!! may not know it but we all have free access with just a small bit of work on your part.


Here's how you get your account

What is


  1. Get a Douglas County Library Card from any Douglas County Library
  2. Go to the Douglas County Library Website to locate their login link
  3. You will use your Library Card number and PIN to access your own personal account


When you have successfully obtained a Douglas County Library card and PIN (usually the last four digits of your phone number) you may complete this stage.



  • Now set up your account using any email of your choice.

If you're not at the Lynda homepage go here and click on the link for Lynda. (Please save a link to the DCL login page in your bookmarks.)

You DCL card PIN is traditionally the last four digits of your phone number...or use this link to get it.

  • Use anytime anywhere, but we will need these accounts for some quests later on this semester so it will be essential later on.


At home access to can be found at the Douglas County Library Website > Using the Library > Online Learning 


Look at the courses available to you as the Captain will make suggestions or requirements periodically.

Search around the site a little and note how massive of a resource this can be. You can utilize this site to mastery almost any software of your desire. But the amount of information available for designers is mind-blowing. look specifically at the number of "courses" on Photoshop, Illustrator,Photography, and Design.

You can access it at school, at home, or even get an app for your phone or tablets.

Once you have had a chance to find something that might be useful to you sometime you may click mastery.



Its an AWESOME resource for students that value their own building of skills. I only hope you use this tool to truly increase your mastery of anything you choose! Its a perfect destination for anyone that has outpaced the Captain.

If you need more opportunities to move ahead of the class this is it.

By the way the Captain can see how much and what lesson you watch on and he WILL offer handsome rewards for independent skill building via Lynda...hint hint.


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