Surreal Scale

Surreal Scale


Create a composite photo that utilizes scale change to create surrealistic composition.


Remember: All Epic Design Quests require documentation of your design process. Be sure you are very familiar with our design process before entering any Epic Quest.








WARNING: Critique of one print will take place 28 days from now. Minimum 1 proofsheet should be posted in two weeks.


To begin this project now you may continue to stage 2.

Time remaining before Penalty goes into effect


ALWAYS read the entire quest before beginning to ensure you understand all requirements. Remember the process is worth at least half of the project grade. 



Create your new project page titled Surreal ScaleNow copy and paste the following onto the new page as you will need to complete and correctly document these 7 steps on the design process:

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Research and Investigate
  3. Generate Possible Solutions
  4. Select AND DEVELOP Best Solution 
  5. Model and Prototype (Create)
  6. Test and Evaluate
  7. Produce



  • Find inspiration in other surreal art or artists
  • Plan an original surreal composition using scale change
  • Apply & improve your Photoshop compositing skills
  • Apply photographic skills to multiple shots that will be combined 
  • Challenge yourself





1. Consider what the goal of this project is: 

  • What will be your biggest challenge with this project?
  • How will you overcome that and other challenges?


    STAGE 2: Research and Investigate

Always record every resource either as a cited source or a website link on your project page.

2. Investigate and develop a base knowledge that will allow you to explore Stage 3 with confidence

  • Surrealism
  • Scale Change
  • Composite Photography
  • How would you define a successful surreal photo?

Coulson's Diigo resource links for Surrealism or Composites

Pinterest search


    STAGE 3: Generate Possible Solutions

3. Find Inspiration in art, artists, new techniques, and your imagination

Third-Party Surreal Scale Inspiration

  • investigate surreal artists and photographers
  • Look at different techniques for compositing photos
  • Brainstorm unique imagery you might want to explore for your design


4. Begin sketching different thumbnail composition design ideas.

  • "Sketch" at least 3 completely different original design plans in your sketchbook.
  • Thumbnail sketches should be about 4" sketches in sketchbook
  • Designs should be ORIGINAL though inspired! (What does this mean?)
  • Does your photo tell or story or have a meaning


    STAGE 4: Select and Develop Your most inspiring idea

5. Select the best and detail your plan of execution

  • begin to focus on the detail
  • Lighting
  • Angles
  • Composition / Space
  • Location
  • Time
  • Props
  • Colors
  • Help needed?


     STAGE 5: Model and Prototype (Create)

6. Begin production of your design

  • Final Design must be a minimum 1800 x 2700 pixels (12 x 18" 150ppi)
  • Shoot and reshoot as necessary
  • Practice, develop or refine new photoshop skills you are exploring.
  • Remember Craftsmanship matters. It shows you care!
  • All images used must be original and follow copyright laws
  • Remember to take in-progress screenshots of your work for you project page


     Design Process STAGE 6: Test and Evaluate

7. Self-reflect on your design

  • self-reflect and carefully evaluate your successes and challenges
  • How could you take it further? (what would you do
  • Pursue & Document critical feedback from others


     Design Process STAGE 7: Produce

8. Turn in the final .JPG and Print (lastname_firstname_surreal_scale.jpg)

  • Turn final file into the captain's server (surreal scale folder)
  • Request final printed and mounted
  • Finalize Project Page with full self-reflection and Final Image at TOP of project page
    • successes
    • struggles
    • improvements
    • what you learned
  • Fill out self evalution sheet



COMPLETE: You need a fully finished project page included all scanned sketchbook work with captions. Turn your your finished artwork to the Captain's Server. Finally Paste the URL to your project page below and you may then click complete.

Great Work Design Agent.

Amazing work, Visitor.

Be Proud.

Go hang the finished piece on the Critique wall at the front of the classroom. Other's need to see what you have accomplished.


BONUS Self Assessment Loot:

After completion of your project and project page documentation choose one of the appropriate self-assessments for yourself. Consider the skill, craftsmanship, originality, and composition of your final Product:

Over The Top

Nailed It

Good, But…

At Least I Finished It

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