Self-Directed Learning


Learning from the Captain is one thing but if you want to learn about some of the really cool stuff you might have seen or heard of from other places you're gonna have to look a little harder.


For completion of this quest you will need to locate an inspiring new Photoshop tutorial from an online source of your choice. You will need to successfully complete the entire tutorial from beginning to end. Usually tutorials will provide you with their images for download to follow along. If there are no work files to use feel free to collect images from anywhere as this is only a learning experience not submitting a finished original product. Here are a couple of sites that I have found some interesting tutorials at over the years. There are many more and probably many better. New site pop up all the time. Just do searches for: Photoshop, Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Tools, Lessons, Tutorials, etc.

Optional Sources (they might not all work at school): Don't just use the first one you find. Dig a little deeper to find one that looks really cool ...or find one on your own! Some are much cooler than others. Sometimes time spend exploring is very worthwhile.

Spoon Graphics | Photoshop Support | PS Tutorials Designer Today | You The Designer | Muymono |Adobe TV | NAPP | Russell Brown | PS TV | CS Four | Layers | PSD Tuts | Abduzeedo |PS Hero | Planet PS | Killer Tips | PS Lab | Julieanne Kost | Julieanne’s Blog | Tute 9 | PS Star | PSD Fan | 10 Steps | PS Roadmap | Noupe 60 | Invest in Tech Collection | DP Blog Links | Pixel Perfect | Mac Design Pro 300 | Tutzor | PSD Rockstar | Luna Core |

While some of the tutorials may be utilizing older versions of Photoshop, most aspects are almost identical. If you come across something that doesn't look right ask the Captain for clarification. If the lesson is for the new Photoshop CC, you may run into issues of new tools that may not exist in our Photoshop CS6 version. Set your standard high for what you want to try and learn. This is an opportunity to learn about many new and more advanced skills in photoshop that interest you. Don't do it just to complete it an move on. Really try to understand what you are doing as each step is described to you.

Completion: To claim completion create a new page to record screenshots, new tools or techniques, and of course your final product. The new page should be placed as a child page under the photoshop parent page and titled according to your tutorial. Be thorough in your explanation and be sure to accurately include the resources you utilized.


Solid work.

I hope you have added some new valuable tools to your designer toolkit. Sometimes those online tutorials can be frustrating but they really force you to learn about what you are doing.

Mastery: Now to claim mastery there is more to it than simply posting your work on your blog. I want you to reapply the new techniques or lessons to an original design files of your own. The design can be of anything for any purpose but I want to see that you can actually utilize and implement the new skill into a design that is more that just the technique by itself. All artwork needs to be original and follow copyright laws and regulations. Certainly Mastery is optional but realize this is an opportunity to develop your own direction if you desire. The Captain must approve MASTERY of your final project to ensure you have pushed your design far enough to meet your ability. Post this new original artwork to your blog with a reflection on your design and your design process.


Incredible! Congratulations. I hope you feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Pride is a powerful motivator and you have earned it. Also this Quest is repeatable if you are interested in pursuing other new skills and techniques.

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