Public Service Announcement (PSA)  or Social Statement Poster Design

Public Service Announcement (PSA) or Social Statement Poster Design


Posters are an obvious form of design communication. In this Epic Quest you will select a topic that you view as important information to communicate to the public. It could be an public service announcement topic or something a bit more controversial that you want to communicate through a persuasive propaganda poster.

Its open for your choosing but visual communication is key.

Student Gallery of Previous PSA poster designs

Remember: Epic Design Quests require documentation of your entire design process. Be sure you are very familiar with the design process before beginning any Epic Quest.



ALWAYS Read the entire quest before beginning to ensure you understand all requirements. Remember the process and your documentation if it is the essential part of all Epic Quests. 



Reference these galleries below to see the application of simplified design using visual communication to deliver messages:

Professional PSA and Social Justice Poster Gallery

STUDENT Social Statement and Public Service Announcement Poster Gallery



The challenge with a PSA announcement is in the creative delivery of an often times simple but also very important message.

Think about how clever advertisements make you think about a product of idea for more than 2 seconds. How will you combine images or alter them to create something powerful, unique and eye catching while delivering a very important message to society.



  • Communicate visually an impactful and productive message for society.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how propaganda can impact culture now and in history.
  • Develop an understanding of how design can be so important in our world while taking a stance on an issue that is important to client or them personally.
  • Create a poster using dynamic IMAGERY (not just words) to communicate an important message
  • Maintain a simplified design that does not use more elements or words than necessary.


Project Page Requirements

Create your new project page titled PSA Poster. 

Now copy and paste the following as you will need to complete and correctly document these 7 steps on the your design process using notes, thoughts, founds images, inspirations, and of course your sketches:

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Research and Investigate
  3. Generate Possible Solutions
  4. Select AND DEVELOP Best Solution 
  5. Model and Prototype (Create)
  6. Test and Evaluate
  7. Produce



Project Requirements

     1. Design Process: UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM

Wait to Create

Research the importance of PSA and Propoganda Posters in our world.

  • What is a Public Service Announcement?
  • How have propaganda posters impacted history?
  • Are PSA’s Controversial? Why or Why not?
  • What makes a PSA poster successful
  • Document your resources.

Select the message you want to inform or topic you want to persuade the public about.

Your choice can be any social topic that you believe society can benefit from by being informed about. Your poster can be persuasive like propaganda or it can be general information that you believe society should be more aware of. Sometimes a personal connection might give you more motivation to create something special.

PSA Ideas

Contraversial Topics

  • Write a paragraph discussing why you chose the “message or topic” you did.


     2. Design Process: Research and Investigate and Be inspired

Research information topic thoroughly

  • Show authentically researched data with cited reputable resources about your topic. Being well-informed is a requirement as your information must be significant and ACCURATE.
  • The more information you have about your topic the more options you have for the visual message or statement you can to make.
  • Check out these Amazing PSA examples
  • More resources at the bottom of page (but you know that, because your read all this already right?)

Additional Resources

Behance Posters
Persuading Posters
The Inspiration Blog
Communicate through posters
The advantages of Posters
Power of Persuasion – Propaganda Posters


     3. Design Process: Generate Possible Solutions

Brainstorm Creative Solutions

Brainstorm ideas for visual imagery representing elements of you topic

  • Show your brainstorming as idea webs, clouds, lists, found imagery, small sketches of elements (at least 25 ideas, words, or visual elements required)
  • Brainstorm – visual connections to your topic
  • how will you creatively communicate your message without multiple powerful images to choose from as you try to develop a creative solution for your topic.

Begin sketching thumbnail ideas for your poster.

Thumbnail sketch are small sketches of the poster design idea laid out. I bit more then the small brainstorming ideas from above.

  • Thumbnail sketches should be about 3-4″ sketches in your sketchbook
  • Sketch at least 6 different designs concepts. (Yeah, it tough but important)
  • Designs must be ORIGINAL ideas! …O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L
  • What images will you use…what images can you use? (remember copyright)
  • How will you combine images or alter them to create something powerful, unique and eye catching?
  • Consider possible color schemes and fonts even if just recorded in your notes.
  • Think about size relationships of objects


     4. Design Process: Select and Develop Best Solution

 Select the best solution

  • Record why you have chosen it
  • Finalize a NEW more detailed sketch of best solution
  • sketch the layout of entire design
  • Define color schemes (look it up if you don’t know what this is)
  • Carefully consider  fonts to be used (beware of crazy display fonts, they are often cheesy!)
  • How will you create hierarchy of information? (YOU control what is most important)


      5. Design Process: Model and Prototype (Create)


Begin Digital production of your ORIGINAL poster design

  • Use Photoshop for your final artwork
  • 24″ x 36″ 150pixel/inch in Photoshop
  • Use Illustrator for illustrations and copy and paste elements into Photoshop layers for effects but be sure to retain 24 x 36 150ppi quality and size!
  • When necessary research and develop more advanced digital designs skills utilizing all resources available.
    • use masks and selections to combine images
    • use adjustment layers
    • combine illustrations and images when applicable
    • ask for advanced technical assistance rather than avoid a good idea because it’s hard
  • Remember Craftmanship matters. It shows you care!
  • Primary images and illustrations must be original and follow copyright laws
  • Remember to take several in-progress screenshots for your project page-required


     6. Design Process: Test and Evaluate

Self-reflect on your design

  • self- reflect and carefully evaluate your successes and difficulties
  • How could you take it further with more time?
  • Ask others for their opinions and document their and your suggestions.
  • Refine or develop elements of the design that can be improved


     7. Design Process: Produced

Turn in the final .JPG and Print

  • Turn file into the captain’s server
  • Get final printed and mounted
  • Finalize Project Page with full self-reflection
    • successes
    • struggles
    • improvements
    • what you learned
  • Fill our gradesheet



COMPLETE: Complete your project page post by with scanning images of ALL pages of your sketchbook and includ them appropriately on the project page. Now submit your final artwork as a .jpg file (not a .psd file please). Finally get your design printed and mounted then you may claim completion. 


Great Work Design Agent.


I know you want the loot that goes with mastery. Do you have everything required to complete stage 3?


CLAIM MASTERY LOOT:  You have your artwork printed and mounted AND your project page contains thorough research, scanned pages of your sketchbook, clarifying notes and thorough reflections of your process. You may claim mastery. Beware if the Captain does not see a correct and through project page your mastery will be revoked and penalties may incur.

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