Photoshop Selections

Photoshop Selections


Selecting a shape was so easy in Illustrator...just click and go. In Photoshop selecting pixels or specific parts layers can be a skill that separates you from other beginners. Learn the basics of Photoshop selections here.



Quality selections or lack of quality selections are the most common reason someone will look at a photoshop design and say it looks really fake. Great selections hide the cookie cutter looking "collages"...not what we want. This is just an intro to selections as you get comfortable with the basics.

You may want to download these sample files to follow along | 1 | 2 |

Watch these videos to gain a basic understanding of creating selections. Be sure you are logged into your account as some videos will be from courses.



Completion: Watch all videos and add your detailed notes to a Digital Skill Photoshop Post. Once you have documented your understanding of selections you may claim completion.


Keep up your momentum as you become familiar with the Photoshop Basics.

While you now have an understanding of what selections are, you still have a ways to go for mastery. You don't yet know how to create the truly accurate and versatile selections that are possible. These are the selections that can really empower an artist. Its your option to move on now, but it is highly recommended that you earn mastery for this quest.


Mastery Options:  recommended not required

You may work on either--


  • "Making Selections" Chapter (appx. 31 min.) and document your understanding within the same Digital Skill Selections post. This chapter is still using CS6 if you get confused. You may want to download the exercise files available for this course. The download link is located above the video on the page. If you need assistance downloading please ask!


After documenting these more extensive lessons you can certainly click Mastery.



You have a major edge over your classmates as your understanding of what advanced selections can be is extensive...but realize there is a lot more available at if you want it someday!

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