Photoshop Masks

Photoshop Masks


Use Masks ....not Eraser. Masks are the key to effectively and seamlessly blend layers together. Masks can be used very creatively the more you understand photoshop.

Accept this quest to learn what a mask actually is.

Masks are the most important element to use when working non-destructively. Non-Destructive means to work in a way that nothing is permanent. Essentially rather than deleting pixels that are gone forever you can mask and thus hide them with the option to make the reappear at any time. There are a lot of cool effect you can do with masking but understand the essentials is ...well...essential.

Watch these videos and make sure you are logged into you Lynda account:

Completion: Watch all videos and create a Digital skill post titled Masks. Once that documented, posted, and showing you understand what a mask can do you may claim completion.

Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. Remember we are learning the essentials so at minimum you want to understand these concepts. They will allow you to create art while you will always be able to develop your advanced skills as needed.


Mastery: To earn mastery of photoshop masking you will need to complete a chapter on masks that will get more detailed and incorporate many more skills. It will really develop your skills of masking at another level. While the chapter is about 90 minutes long this mastery is worth 75 miles and 30 gold! Go Big or go Home...actually I suppose you could watch it there too?

The exercise files are also below for download.

Mastery Videos: Photoshop Masking and Compositing: Fundamentals with Deke McClelland: Chapter 09

Mastery Exercise Files: folder will need to be unzipped(opened) to access files after downloading


As of now you have truly obtained advanced skills that will give you a major advantage in executing your future designs.

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