Photoshop Layers

Photoshop Layers


The layers panel is possibly the single most important element in Photoshop that a designer must control and understand to build a design that avoids becoming a mess. 

As with many elements of Photoshop, Layers are simple to understand but can become as complex and useful as the user allows them to be.



Watch this video to learn about layers in Photoshop. I know the teacher is using Photoshop CS6 but all the same rules still apply and its the clearest explanation I have found. You will always need to be sure you are logged into your Lynda account in order to access the videos.


Download these two sample files (option+click) used in the video.
Open them and follow along
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Watch these additional videos to add onto Chad's information


Completion: Create an new Post demonstrating your mastery of the above information. You may expand on that single post as you learn more about layers. Publish the post and paste URL below to claim completion.



Wanna dig deeper?


Continue to focus on expanding your base knowledge of PS.

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Stage 3 Completion (optional): If you want to earn more and learn more of the advanced details about layers and many other elements of photoshop check out this optional chapter 5 of "Photoshop CC 2017 One-on-One: Fundamentals".


This chapter lesson from the amazing Deke McClelland will dive into many skills in Photoshop while focusing of new skills in  "Layers". It is appx. 80 minutes total if you do whole project. You may certainly always download the "working files" from, but it may take a while as they are usually large. The links below will only download the three files you need. Just Option-Click each of them like before.

Three Exercise Files to download:  1 | 2 | 3

If you finish the above chapter from you deserve the loot for this completion but documents you new skills on you layers post too.


Amazing, continue your focus on expanding base knowledge of Photoshop skills and tools. It pays off in big ways as you begin to use the skills.

Way to want more agent!


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