Photoshop 101

Photoshop 101


Its time to get rolling in Photoshop, but before we get all toolsy you gotta understand the significance of Image Size in Photoshop. Its a lot different than Illustrator and its a lot more important.



Really focus on these videos or someday your amazing poster design might turn into a playing card design very quickly. Image Size control isn't glamorous but it is absolutely essential if you plan of using Photoshop for design, photography or any other creative purpose.


Documentation is Required: So take detailed notes and begin a new "Photoshop 101 post now. You will need to continue to add to this new Photoshop 101 post throughout this Photoshop quest chain.


  1. Option-Click on this link to download the Sample File.
  2. Locate the file that was downloaded to the "downloads" folder in your Macintosh HD.
  3. To open the file in Photoshop: Control-click the sample file and then select "open with Photoshop" to avoid one of the other programs opening the image file. (double clicking will incorrectly open the image in a different app called Preview)
  4. Follow along with these videos using the sample file in Photoshop.


Different CS Versions Warning

Open your File in PS

Photoshop Image Size


Photoshop Workspace

Photoshop Preferences

COMPLETION: When you have watch all videos you may click.



MASTERY (required): Document your understanding of above content with images, descriptions, or notes on a new "Photoshop 101" project page. Answer the questions below and then paste your Photoshop 101 page link into the URL box.

Make your Photoshop 101 project page now!

If you have truly mastered this quest they should be easy. If you have to re-watch the videos then you should probably be watching more closely and be sure to follow along with the sample file in Photoshop.

Each failed attempt to answer all questions correctly will reduce the mastery value of this quest by 20%.



Solid Work! Hopefully that was easy. I think you are ready to continue developing all the essential skills needed designing with Photoshop . I Follow the this quest chain as you will be guided through the essential Photoshop quests.


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