Mutant Jack

What's that?

A Liger!

What's a Liger?!

Yeah, well we can create something even better than a Liger.




New Skills Covered:Making Selections, Refining Selections, Combining Multiple Images, Masks, Transform, Adjustment, etc...?

Main Points: Intro to Photoshop using most of the basic skills used constantly in the software.

NEW Behance page: Record the skills you use and learn on a NEW Mutant Jack Behance page. Include screenshots of key points or stages of your designs.


Option+Click these links to download the files to your downloads folder:

Click to download Jack

Click to download Tiger

Click to download Wings

Click to download Jungle


Follow along with these Project Directions

Make a New Digital Post to document your progress.

  1. Open Files

  2. Create Document

  3. Layers

  4. Selection

    Refined Selection

  5. Mask it - warning

    Mask it

  6. Blend Masks

  7. Size for your Scene

  8. Blog


Well done Visitor, you were able to recreate my Flying Tonkey but now it's time to see if you can create a new creature of your own. Be sure to record your new skills on your blog along with a screenshot of your final creation.



Alright Visitor, now you have a basic skillset for the supertool, Adobe Photoshop.

Now let's put them to the test.

Using the videos below, create your own original mutant design while continuing to add to your current Mutant Jack Behance page for this new original design of your own.

Finding your pics

Download files

Open your images

Go For it

Please upload a .jpg file of your final original artwork.



Let the Captain know if you would like your original Mutant Jack design printed.

You may now either work on the Photoshop Quest Chain or select a new Photoshop course to explore on your own.

Be sure you are still either working on a Photoshop quest or completing a Photoshop Course.


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