HRHS Student Planner Cover

HRHS Student Planner Cover


All right, Visitor, here's a new challenge for you.

This one is a real client, though, with a deadline.

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Former Student Planner Covers

Savannah McNealy - 2014 Planner design

Savannah McNealy - 2014 Planner design

Dominick Devecenty - 2015 Student Planner Design

Dominick Devecenty - 2015 Student Planner Design

The real HR planner outlined







Josh Thompson & Jack Sampson 2016

Josh Thompson & Jack Sampson 2016









This challenge is big as seen by the available loot above.

It also has a fairly tight deadline though.

These planners will be all over school as the selected artwork will be used for the official HRHS student planner for the next school year. Create something to be proud of as its always exciting to see your artwork in the hands of others all the time.


Create your project page and document your Process: you show me your process this time without me guiding you

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Research and Investigate
  3. Generate Possible Solutions
  4. Select AND DEVELOP Best Solution 
  5. Model and Prototype (Create)
  6. Test and Evaluate
  7. Produce


Student Cover Design Gallery


Design Guidelines & Requirements

  • Required Size and Resolution: (download this pdf for printer’s requirements)
     Front and Back of Planner- 8.75″ x 5.75″  @ 300ppi (refer to template instructions above)
    .125″ will be cropped off each side and remember to account for the part that will have the spiral bound
  • Theme: ??? HRHS  !!!!  What do you want our theme to be for next year?
  • Design options or considerations:
    • image manipulation; follow copyright rules, see me with questions
    • original illustration
    • typography driven design
  • Required information/content (There’s a lot this year)
    • Highlands Ranch High School
    • 2017-2018
  • Printer Deadline: March 23

Final Submission:

  • Submit Full Resolution .PSD file to Coulson server.
  • Post final Design atop your Behance Process Page
  • Upload final web version .jpg (1000pixels) below



Confirm with the Captain that your submission is accepted.

Ask to have your poster printed.

Now finish your project page and paste it below.


Well done! 

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