Graphic Design Techniques


This a good refresher or intro to basic graphic design techniques used by all professionals.

Are your ready to shaper your design tools, Visitor?

Let's get to work.


Watch: Graphic Design Techniques from the creative director of Before and After Magazine and take notes!*

* pencil and paper, text edit application, Shift-Command-4 (targeted screenshots), or a combination of any of all.

Completion: Click once you have watched the entire series(and taken notes).



Some great tips and strategies, right?

Mastery: Now document all your learning as a post in the appropriate category. Use imagery if it helps you remember and understand.



Gratz, Visitor! You know there's more where that came from.

If you're looking for more PED's (Professionally Enhanced Designer) skills, you might want to check out Foundations of layout and Composition quest.

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