CT is key

CT is key

Visitor, you'll be using these skills the rest of the year.

CT is Color Theory.

Color can be an amazing thing or a scary thing. See its possibilities!

We'll begin with a few interactive modules.

Then we'll get down to research.

And of course the Show What You Know phase.


Let's get to work.

Let's begin with a color matching game.

Pay attention to the names of the levels.

How good is your eye?

Let's find out >>> Click  (screenshot your score)

Now let's test your Hue acuity >>> Click (screenshot your score)

Games are great and helpful but you will need more to truly understand how significantly color impacts design.

There's more but that's enough to get you started with color theory.

Color is one of the Elements of Art which are the building blocks for all design.

Here's a clever Flash intro with a color review, too >>> Click

Did you explore all the hidden info?

Did you pay attention to the information?

How about trying that one one more time? >>> Click

Elements of Design Reference |

Your account will offer some great video resources for color theory as well.


This is a multi-stage epic quest and rewards will be scaled to match your effort and creativity

You are required to create artifacts demonstrating your understanding of Color Theory.

  • It will require research
  • You are required to cite your sources
  • You may utilize any digital medium to demonstrate your understanding
  • Create a new design skill post to begin the process
  • Call it whatever you want
  • Begin building your response now

Start with something simple, such as the color wheel.

How might you represent the color wheel?

Research. Ideate. Experiment. Explore.

Here are a couple of videos some of you might find helpful:


Create your new post, then copy and paste that link below and get started.

Here's your chance to shine, Visitor. Take it!

Gratz, Visitor! You know there's more where that came from.

If you're looking for more PED's (Professionally Enhanced Designer) skills, you might want to check out course assignments on your page.

You might want to consider the E&P quest next if you aren't very familiar with them yet.



Did you get scores of at least 7.6 on the color wheel challenge AND a 7 or lower on the hue acuity test? If so post both screenshots at the bottom of you Color theory post to get this Extra Mastery!

That's what I'm talking about!

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