Deke’s Techniques


Numerous skills in a size that you can digest.

Are your ready to sharpen your design tools, Visitor?

Let's get to work.

Watch:  Any of the appx. 300 videos in Deke's Techniques from computer graphics guru Deke McClelland and take notes!* Follow along with Deke in Illustrator or Photoshop by downloading the necessary "exercise files" used in the video.

* pencil and paper, text edit application, Shift-Command-4 (targeted screenshots), or a combination of any of all.

Completion: Click once you have watched and followed along with quality notes.

Amazing stuff, huh? And he keeps adding more almost every week so you can always check back.

Mastery: Now document ALL your learning as a post in the digital skills category. Be thorough with your notes Include an image of the file you altered or created along with the video

Gratz, Visitor! You know there's more where that came from.

If you're looking for more PED's (Professionally Enhanced Designer) skills, you might want to check out your course assignments on Most all of those courses are available as a quest in your Quest Guide.


This quest can be repeated for mastery credit with any of Deke's other Techniques.

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