Critique a Photo

noun: critique; plural noun: critiques
  1. a detailed analysis and assessment of something

Critiques are unbiased, third-party observations on something. They help the owner/artist to look at their work objectively and make corrections to make it better or more appealing to others.

Okay so we have a technical definition of what a Critique is, but how much does that really help us?


Well for starters let's identify...

What a critique is NOT:

  • its not easy or short
  • its not a focus on whats wrong
  • its not a personal attack on an artists skill
  • its not meant to be a simple ego-boost
  • its not a statement starting with "I like..."


The challenge of a critique is to be truly unbiased while also realizing that critiques will always be opinions...even when its your teacher.

Why Do It?


Often times formal critiques are broken down into three primary elements:

  1. Technical

  2. Composition

  3. Emotional Appeal


Create a new post titled "how to critique a photo" to document your findings, resources, and thoughts.

First, describe the reason why critiques are valuable and important to all artists.

Next, utilize the massive resource at your fingertips to develop at least three questions for each category that could or should be answered as a part of a formal photo critique.



Select an individual photograph from a photography website of your choice. Place the image on a new post titled "Critique #1"

Suggested photo sites:

For your mastery of this quest you will need to write a detailed formal critique of the selected image. Be as thorough as possible. Remember to:

  • describe
  • detail
  • suggest


Well done, Champ! Critiques are such an important part of growing as an artist.

Over time you will likely develop more as an artist and learn more valuable information through critiques that an art teacher will ever offer you individually.

Even Professionals need critiques to keep growing. Just look at all the photo critique sites all over the internet! (even though many of them aren't actually critiquing in a valuable way.)

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