Create a Project Page


Everything you need to know to document the journey of your art from Beginning to End.

Remember , the Captain cares more about how you got there than simply where you finished...Although, the pride in printing a finished piece of artwork can be one of the most exciting parts of design.



If you would like to see what a former Agent did check out her sample project page, that was very well done.

These videos will take you through the required elements for your Project Pages. For most projects the documentation of your process work will be worth as much or more than the finished piece. Disregarding the design process or correct documentation on your project page will result in loss of Mastery and all miles/gold associated with it.

Mastery requires a Boot Quest Post. It might be a good idea to link your post back to the demo page above.

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Research and Investigate
  3. Generate Solutions
  4. Select and Develop Solution
  5. Create Design
  6. Artist Statement

Make sure your Project Page shows on your blog menu


Complete: If you understand the expectation of a Project Pages and you are ready to make one you may claim completion.


Be sure you have good notes to follow for future reference. Its mostly as simple as labeling your process steps with notes and images, however failure to comply will result in penalties.



Use the Quest to Guide your Project Page



Mastery: Mastery will be shown when you create your next Project Page. Be sure to reflect back on this quest as necessary. The Captain is more interested in your project page than your final artwork. It should show your thinking and effort beyond the final product. But don't get me wrong he is still highly anticipating some amazing artwork because that's what we do in the CIA.


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