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Concert poster take on many different forms of design. Most often they have abstract meaning built into just as a song often has a story. This quest will require investigations into the band, album, or tour AND the design concept or story you choose to work with. This poster is meant more for art than advertising locations and dates as those are optional.

Remember: Epic Design Quests require documentation of your entire design process. Be sure you are very familiar with the design process before beginning any Epic Quest.


Read the entire quest before beginning to ensure you understand all requirements. Remember the process is worth at least half of the project grade. 

Design Suggestion: Simple is often more powerful than complex. See The Small Stakes for examples of what I'm talking about.

Jason Munn Concert Posters Gallery

Your biggest challenge with this quest it to interpret music into an inspired visual connection. You can research the story behind a musicians music or you can interpret the music as you hear it. What can visually represent the sounds you hear. Connect to completely different senses in sight and sound it a new and often challenging endeavor. Find inspiration in the music while developing design ideas through your design process.

Create your new project page titled Concert Poster. Now copy and paste this as you will need to complete and correctly document these 7 steps on the your design process:

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Research and Investigate
  3. Generate Possible Solutions
  4. Select AND DEVELOP Best Solution 
  5. Model and Prototype (Create)
  6. Test and Evaluate
  7. Produce



  • Communicate a conceptual story idea through simplified imagery or graphics.
  • Create Textures and Patterns as a dominant element within the compositions.
  • Develop design decisions that all have purpose connected the conceptual story intertwined with the music itself



1. Research and record some history of Concert Posters.

  • What is the purpose of concert poster?
  • Find and post two excellent design examples of concert posters and note why you believe it to be an excellent example.
  • What else constitutes a great concert poster design?
  • Document your resources

Select a musician or group to create a poster for and get approval from the Captain.

Your choice of musicians can be anything from heavy metal to rap or classical to a music festival. NOTE: 100 miles and  50 Gold Bonus awarded for  designing a poster that is cross-curricular and for use by another teacher. Write a paragraph discussing why you chose the musicians you did.

     Design Process: Research and Investigate

2. Research information topic thoroughly

  • Show Authentic Data with cited reputable resources about your musicians, music type, album or tour and target audience, etc
  • The Story: What is the album, song, tour, about. Is there deeper meaning or concepts that the musical artist are  telling in their music. How do YOU interpret their music or meaning? What story do YOU hear? What ideas does the music make YOU imagine? Document your thoughts and use these in the brainstorming in your next step as well.

     Design Process: Generate Possible Solutions

3. Brainstorm ideas for visual imagery representing elements of you topic

  • Show your brainstorming as idea webs, clouds, lists, found imagery, small sketches of elements (at least 25 ideas, words, elements required)

4. Begin sketching thumbnail ideas for front cover design.

  • Thumbnail sketches should be about 4" sketches in sketchbook
  • Sketch at least 6 different designs concepts.
  • Designs must be ORIGINAL!
  • Consider possible color schemes and fonts even if just in notation.
  • Really think about size relationships.
  • Decide how you will utilize texture or patterns to build on your design concept beyond simply adding it as a requirement.

     Design Process: Select and Develop Best Solution

5. Select the best solution

  • notate why you have chosen it
  • Finalize AND Develop a new detailed sketch of best solution (consider multiple design options of you best solution)
  • Focus on color schemes
  • Carefully consider  fonts to be used (beware of crazy display fonts, they are often cheesy!)
  • How will you create hierarchy of information? (control what is most important)

      Design Process: Model and Prototype (Create)

6. Begin Digital production of your infographic design

  • Use Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 20" x 30" 150pixel/inch in Photoshop or 20" x 30" vector graphic design in Illustrator
  • Use Illustrator for illustrations and copy and paste elements into Photoshop layers for effects but be sure to retain 20 x 30 150ppi quality and size!
  • When necessary research and develop more advanced digital designs skills utilizing all resources available.
  • Remember Craftmanship matters. It shows you care!
  • Primary images and illustrations must be original and follow copyright laws
  • Remember to take in-progress screenshots for you project page-required

     Design Process: Test and Evaluate

7. Self-reflect on your design

  • self- reflect and carefully evaluate your successes and difficulties
  • How could you take it further with more time?
  • Ask others for their opinions and document their and your suggestions.
  • Refine or develop elements of the design that can be improved

     Design Process: Produce

8. Turn in the final .JPG and Print

  • Turn file into the captain's server
  • Get final printed and mounted
  • Finalize Project Page with full self-reflection
    • successes
    • struggles
    • improvements
    • what you learned
  • Fill our gradesheet


Additional Resources


COMPLETE: Complete your project page with scanned images of ALL pages of your sketchbook work. Be sure you have also completed the reflection. Upload your new artwork to be printed and then copy your link to complete this quest.

Great Work Design Agent.

Remember to have the Captain give you your bonus loot if you created a cross-curricular design for another teacher.

MASTERY: Mastery is restricted to the Best of the Best. If your work is selected for display, any art show, or receives an outside recognition or award you have earned Mastery and may claim it at that time.

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