Bottle Packaging Design

Bottle Packaging Design

What makes a product stand out on a crowded shelf? What makes it attract the eye—excite, inform, appeal, motivate customers to buy?    “PACKAGE DESIGN”

Graphic Design can often blur the lines between 2-D and 3-D design. In this project you will be exploring the applications of your design to a 3-Dimensional surface by way of any product that could be developed, packaged and marketed as a bottle, jar, or can. If packaging design sounds or maybe looks like cup of tea, then this quest might be for you!


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Create a Branding Product Line - Most products don't just stand alone. Typically, a package design is part of an entire product line which has established brand and a visual style all of its own.


Packaging can be...

Playful Design A whimsical, fun, or simply unexpected design can attract consumers to your product package and make a memorable statement. In this lesson, you will learn how and when to infuse your package designs with playful, lively visuals


Formal Design Clean, simple, and often time boldly stated design can set itself apart from others as a formal and distinguished product that is clearly professionally driven. You may explore when your package design would be served best to formal, modern, and simplified while maintaining a unique creative design focus.



  • Research key elements of a packaging composition including placement, product, and audience.
  • Develop an understanding of how marketing research, target audiences, and user profiles affect the packaging design process.
  • Develop an understanding of how stylized packaging design is created through typography, balance, color, texture, shape etc (do you know your Principles and Elements?).


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Create your new project page titled Bottle DesignRemember to document these 7 steps on the your design process:

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Research and Investigate
  3. Generate Possible Solutions
  4. Select AND DEVELOP Best Solution 
  5. Model and Prototype (Create)
  6. Test and Evaluate
  7. Produce



You are going to design packaging for a bottled beverage of your choice. You will design three variations/flavors of the same drink or you may design one flavor and the package case that would house a set of four bottles. All objectives above must be considered.


A Note From the Captain


  • First you must establish what your beverage is and determine a unique original name for it.
  • Next you will begin developing your target market (research)
  • Now all the required content on the bottle must be determined through research:  graphic/imagery, logos, size, nutrition labels, slogans, flavors, story, patterns, 
  • YOU must determine the bottle you will use.
  • create at least 6 different approaches to your design in your sketchbook


Client Request List (evaluated components)

  • Readability of essential information
  • Identity is carried through entire series and could be extended to new product
  • Color scheme must fit the product and market
  • Design must be directed stylistically toward correct market
  • Design is 3-dimensionally successful as it won't always be seen just from the front
  • All necessary Sales Info is included in design
  • Creativity allows our product to be unique and will standout
  • Composition maintain a high quality of design structure
  • The craft of built mockup is professionally refined as a true real-world product


"The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything."

    -David Ogilvy, confessions of an advertising man

Completion: Fully complete your digital design, print your material and construct your product mockups. Create a Project Page titled Bottle Design where you show your labeled design process step along with work in progress images and scanned sketchbook documentation.



I haven't even written the requirements for Mastery

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