Asymmetrical Typographic Design

Asymmetrical Typographic Design


Yuna really wanted you to focus on design skills, but the truth is you've gotta have skills to create design.

We've both agreed to put together this quest to challenge you with new digital skills while also pushing you to engage your creativity in design.

This is likely your first Epic Quest project of the semester. As you can see above it's certainly worth a lot of more XP than your previous quests. This one will take some work and will show your ability to apply skills as you learn them.


WATCH: Required EPIC POST for Mastery (Stage 4 Loot)!


The reason the loot is less than shown in the video is because there is SIGNIFICANT Bonus loot available in Stage 4 if you earn it. Gotta wait and see.

This quest has been a favorite on many former Agents. Now lets see what you can do with it.



Are you up for a challenge

Using ONLY selected typographical elements (A, @, 5, ~, etc) you will create a design that demonstrates the design principle of Asymmetrical Balance.

Your finished typographic design will include all 11 requirements listed below. Each requirement must be clearly applied to your final design. Warning: Words, names, symbols, and logos are prohibited (not allowed).

Top Student Examples from the past


Watch (and follow along with) these videos on how to complete each of the required design elements or techniques. These are the MINIMUM requirements for completion although remember, "Nothing is ever finished" in the CIA.

  1. INTRO
  2. Repetition
  3. Minus Front
  4. Unite
  5. Linear and Radial Gradient
  6. Contrast of Size
  7. Replace Negative Space of Type
  8. Area Type
  9. Type of Path
  10. Asymmetrical Balance
  11. Bleed
  12. Color Scheme
  13. Create!

Although "you are never finished" in the CIA, at some point we have to move on to the next quest. Follow these instructions carefully as you prepare your final document for submission.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Ask The Captain to check out your work to see if you has any suggestions before you submit your final design.

  • Finish requirements and final design execution
  • Save your Adobe Illustrator design file for the web
  • PLEASE title your digital file correctly as  
  • Submit to the Captain's Server inside of "Graphic Design 1 > Asymmetrical" Folder
  • Captain will be printing these out when he gets about the first ten turned in.



Claim Stage Completion after final .ai file has been submitted



  1. Ask the Captain to print your piece AND hang it  on the lines at front of room
  2. Complete your Epic post with all images, notes, and reflection.


Finally to gain you haul of loot paste the URL (web address) for your new Epic Project Post in the URL box below. If you have completed all the required elements and put your all into creating your final design you may complete this stage.

HINT: Big time Bonus loot available in final stage



Congratulations and well done Visitor. Clearly the Captain sees potential in your future. He doesn't easily accept mediocre work so be proud. Now you need to assess yourself and consider your quality of work. Remember Integrity matters in the Creative Crusade

WATCH: How to Self-Assess


BONUS Self Assessment Loot:

After completion of your project and project page documentation choose one of the appropriate self-assessments for yourself. Consider the skill, craftsmanship, originality, and composition of your final Product:

Nailed It

Good, But…

At Least I Finished It


It's time to begin learning some of the additional awesome abilities Illustrator has to offer. These quests can be found at at Illustrator toolbar central. These quests are optional so if new quest arrive don't think you have to complete these first

Aren't Epic Quests cool? Well, Yuna has more Illustrator intro quests for you in the next chain with the mega challenging Pen Tool Quest coming up soon.


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