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Adjustment layers are the most common method for non-destructive color alterations in Photoshop. They are easy to apply but knowing how get the most out of them will involve more than the beginners single click. Dive in if you're ready

Adjustment layers cheat sheet download | 1 |

As you might know by now our friend LYNDA has a lot of courses available on photoshop, specifically 300 different courses, 99 that are specifically CS6. While I seldom watch the large courses beginning to end I utilize individual chapters within some of the biggies. You might consider doing searches in Lynda to find more in depth info about any tool or skill we cover.
Adjustment layers are fantastic tools to use for color or tone manipulations. I'll go over the basics and give you a couple optional resources to dive deeper.

Ajustments vs Adjustment Layers

Adjustment sampling w/ properties

Don't duplicate Adjustment Layers Adjustments Panel - three video chapter 11:49 long

Multiple Adjustment Layers

Adjustment Masks

Adjustment are an absolute essential part of digital photography but some of the can be very effective for improvement in values, colors, and contrast for graphic usage as well. I have found that adjustments of textures can be particularly helpful for designers.  My favorites are: Hue and Saturation, Levels, Gradient Map, B&W, and Curves. The others have important uses but I haven't used them near as much.

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Next, consider learning about details of PS tools or you can take a deeper look at adjustments with a chapter or two from

Here are a couple of my recommendations, though I am sure there are many other videos available. If you think you find a great set that really help you let the Captain know so that he can add it to the suggestions. Adjustment recommendations:

MASTERY: Complete an additional chapter of Lynda tuts on adjustment. Gain a more enhanced understanding of some of the possibilities for Adjustment layers. If you can find a better or more interesting series of lesson on adjustment feel free to document those as well as the specifics of the resource. Once you have complete this additional training and documented the skills in the post you may claim mastery.




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