Activate Creative Crusade Profile

Activate Creative Crusade Profile


Hi, Visitor! I'm Julina, your host for all things technical and creative.

Click through and let's get your profile activated.



Watch, listen, and learn, Visitor.

And follow all the instructions!





Once you've set your profile as shown in the video and updated your settings, click through to stage 3.



It's important that you followed each of the instructions, Visitor.

Do you understand?

This is how the class works—YOU decide whether to follow instructions or not.

If you do, great things will happen.

If you don't, well, we'll get to that.

Click through to earn your first Achievement.



Thanks for playing along, Visitor.

As usual, focus on learning the skills, strategies, and techniques then the rest will simply fall into place.

The Skillz Fail penalty is in play for those who deliberately failed to follow these very simple instructions.

HINT: Choosing the penalty is a real bad strategy.


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