Point Of Distribution

Location of all quests new or old. Most of these link appear in weekly rundowns as they are introduced or assigned.
Digital Portfolio Entries (time-sensitive quests)
Getting Started

IMPORTANT: Please begin your journey by completing these intro quests first (in sequence):

  1. The NEW CIA
  2. Account Setup
  3. Birds Bells Bogus
  4. Empathy Compassion Integrity
  5. Get Your Blog
  6. What is Graphic Design

Wordpress - Digital Portfolio

  • Navigation - Learn to navigate your quests and blog
  • Adding Imagery - Ways for adding imagery to your blog posts and pages
  • Going for the Gold - Learn how to Document Mastery and get your MONEY in this class!!!



Mac OS & Chrome



Epic Quests

  1. Asymmetrical Type Design
  2. Logotype Quest - Pentool completion required

Photoshop CC (videos are from version CC 2015 but still work)


Epic Design Quests:

Book Cover Design

Free Resources: Optional

The Gift of - The resource of all resources...its free to you Visitor, although it requires membership

Attribution! Link back to the artists who share with you.

  1. Design Cuts Some great tutorials there, too!
  2. Creative Market Six new free creative resources available every Monday.
  3. DealJumbo Hundreds of free resources. Sign up for the newsletter of exclusive freebies.
  4. Spoon Graphics Sign up for newsletter and you’ll get additional useful resources.
  5. Behance Hundreds of free fonts.
  6. Font Bundles One free quality font each week plus other free fonts.
  7. Quaql Some very cool unusual freebies.
  8. Pixel Surplus also links to others’ freebies: 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10
  9. Smashing Magazine Links to freebies from artists around the world.
  10. Hey Design Keep an eye out for practical freebies like this resume template.
  11. Envato Sign up and you’ll get a few free files once a month (some are really good).
  12. The League of Movable Type Some really nice open source fonts.
Home Quests: Optional
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