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Weekly Rundown Posts: The Key to a Self-Paced Learning Environment


Hello, Visitor. I’m Whiz, the Creative Crusade’s head of Research and Development. We’ll see more of each other as the year progresses, but for now, I’m guessing you’ll want to know how the Rundown Posts will work.

Rather than lecturing, the Captain will update the current Week’s page each and every school day. You’ll never have to ask, What did we do yesterday? or What will we be doing today? because the answer will be online—in text, videos, imagery, and links.

Just as the Captain will maintain a record of his journey through the Creative Crusade this year, you will, too. (More on that later.)

Your responsibility each day, Visitor, is to show up on time, read the board, check the current weekly post, watch the video(s), read the text, click the links, and follow the instructions—each and every day.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Most players find the experience liberating and empowering. Why? Because YOU control the pace of your learning from day one and by week six, if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll earn your choice of company perks. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

For your convenience, the Captain will supply links (below) for each week’s page.


Links to 2017/18 School Year Weekly Posts

D/F = D and F Reports | GP = Grading Period| Links will be live on the first day of each week. Weekly posts will be updated daily.

  • Week 07 Sept 25–29
  • Week 08 Oct 2–6 GP
  • Week 09 Oct 16–20
  • Week 10 Oct 23–27 D/F
  • Week 11 Oct 30–Nov 3 
  • Week 12 Nov 6–9 GP
  • Week 13 Nov 13–17
  • Week 14 Nov 27–Dec 1 D/F
  • Week 15 Dec 4–8
  • Week 16 Dec 11–15 GP
  • Week 17 Dec 18–21 Finals

Week 06 – Vector Skills

  These days are about skill development. Vector graphics are the name of this game. What are they and what makes them special? You need to know. Creating original designs is the fun part so here we go.   Remember: Take screenshots of your work even if it...
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Week 05 – Moving Forward

  Our first major step is now behind us, . I could ask what did you learn the first 4 weeks but you've already stated that, so instead do you know what you learned from your mistakes in the first 4 weeks because that is often just as...
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Week 04 – Inspection Week

  How does it feel to be in control of the pace of your learning? How does it feel to self-assess, moving on only when you determine that you’re ready? How will it feel when you declare yourself ready to apply  for freedom...
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Week 03 – Honed in Focus

  You know the drill now. No need to wait for the Captain. He'll get your attention when he needs it. We are hoping you are all getting into the fun stuff this week, but some of you seem to be having issues following instructions, . I'm...
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Week 02 – Getting Settled

  Hello again, . I hope you’re feeling a bit more comfortable in the Creative Crusade now. You know the drill now. No need to wait for the Captain. He'll get your attention when he needs it. Since you had so much to read last week, let’s get...
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Week 01 – Creative Crusade Orientation

  Hello, . I am Virtu. Think of me as the Creative Crusade’s spiritual guide. I realize some of you will scoff at that notion, so please allow me to explain. Personal integrity is the key to your success in this room. There is no homework....
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