The Market Exchange

Spend your loot wisely. All sales are final. No returns. No complaints. No whining. Happy shopping!

Welcome to The Market Exchange, little one.

All sales are final. No returns. No complaints. No whining.

Beware: There will be so many tempting things to purchase as items are added to our virtual shelves. What would it hurt to spend a little loot now and then? Bwahahaha! …well, you may need some later.

Just remember, all sales are final and the management reserves the right to changes prices or revoke purchases when necessary.

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Repair Shop

Virtually all players will incur Damage at some point.

Damage, in multiples of 2, will reduce your new loot by 10% (e.g., 4 Damage will reduce your new loot by 20%)

Note: All players are expected to repair all damage before the end of each grading period (6 weeks).

At that point any Damage may (and probably will) adversely affect your grade.


You’ll receive income via quests and the Rundown to cover your expenses. If you work hard and play by the rules you’ll earn plenty of gold.

If you don’t…

Choose wisely.

Time is Money

As previously mentioned, you earn income via quests and the Rundown. You also have the opportunity to earn extra loot by working in the Mac Lab before school, at lunch, during off periods or after school (sometimes).

Because you’ll be self-assessing, it’s important that you understand that the Captain expects you to have done the work you’ve claimed to have done.

Penalties for false claims are typically loss of loot and double damage.

Other Deals

Here are a few other items you might find of interest.

As always, the Captain is willing to listen to ideas for new merchandise for the Market.

Happy shopping.

Prints and Tunes

Load Your Music in iTunes

Control the Captain’s Playlist


LaserJet Prints

  • B&W Laser Printer Print
  • Color Laser Printer Print

Canon Photo Quality Color Prints

  • Print: 8.5 x 11
  • Print: 13 x 19
  • Print: 17 x 22

Waste Your Loot

  • Timeout to Eat in Class
  • Sleep in Class
  • Play Games in Class

What else should be in The Exchange?

Captain Comps for great suggestions. Leave ideas in the comments below.

Suggestions you want Added to the Market

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