5 or 4 (seniors) Week of work-time remaining 

To Do:


  1. Are you proud of your Process/ Project Page?
              –   I want you to be as proud of your idea/plan as of your finished product
  2. Get me your completed Evaluations for your Poster/Planner
  3. What are you doing next?    Suggestions are Below.
  4. I want to know your plan.


Next up Quests: ( These take top priority once you complete orientation)

Publication Cover Design

Bottle Packaging series

Invitation Design

Concert Poster

Information Graphic

Advanced Skills Presentation

Learn New Digital Media/Software



If you are looking for more to do restrict your browsing to these option:

Mondays in the MorgueMonday options |  don’t forget about Lynda.com | Submit new great resources here

The Ruler Game: Have some fun with the Ruler Game for the first few minutes of class if you would like.

Good Read: Check out this very cool article about Google’s new logo(s).

Tips: Here are some CC tips from Skocko –Don’t just watch videos. Practice the skills and make them your own! (I have heard some videos are “restricted” for some reason. Watch what you can)

Illustrator Tools: Extra quests about all the tools in Illustrator even though they may be slightly different since these were Illustrator CS6 videos and we now have Illustrator CC.


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